How does RP change?

 Describing accents is a difficult undertaking, as one is obliged to take into account many historical and social factors, as well as influences of other accents affecting the one analyzed. In the case of Received Pronunciation, there are two main streams having an impact on it. One is the American English, which, through the universal culture of the USA, highly contributes to numerous changes in RP. The second one, Cockney, affects not only RP, but also many other regional accents. Due to the fact that Cockney is known as the accent with a characteristic, untypical pronunciation, it has gained worldwide recognition and has spread widely since 1960s.
Today, we can find many elements of speech, which are considered to be characteristic of the Cockney accent and are used in Standard English. Other examples show that Londoners’ speech, as well as Received Pronunciation are both used on television and radio. How will RP change in the near future? What is the impact of Cockney on Received Pronunciation?


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