Journalistic Review: our partners and plans for the future


„Journalistic Review / Przeglad Dziennikarski” is a more and more noticeable medium among Polish politicians. Many NGO activists, former and current politicians, businessmen and journalists/writers cooperate with the website.

Currently we cooperate with the following NGOs:
– Democratic Association 1937 / Stowarzyszenie Demokratyczne 1937 (Pawel Rogalinski is also the spokesperson of the SD1937)
– „Nowa Alternatywa” Association
– Polish Alliance of Democrats
– „Pokolenia” Association (Pawel Rogalinski is the vice president of „Pokolenia” in Lodz Voivodeship)
– „Ruch na Rzecz Demokracji” in Lodz (from 2008 until 2011)

In the next five years the „Journalistic Review” can be an influential pro European and pro human rights medium for the Polish ruling class. It will guard democratic principles, minority rights, political and business transparency.

In the future we also want to:
– create video relations and interviews posted on YouTube,
– change the design of the website
– conduct a promotion campaign
– publish and distribute printed booklets
– organise conferences
– engage more outstanding personalities in our initiatives

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