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Polskie Stowarzyszenie Przeciw DyskryminacjiThe Polish Association Parents Against Discrimination of Children in Germany – – hereby invites the media to a press conference at 9th December 2013 at 11.30 am which takes place at the home of the family Joanna and Rafał Tatera, Polish citizens, in Königstraße 16 in 12015 Berlin.

Topic of the press conference is the so-called „taken into care” of the three children of the spouses Tatera – Bartholomew (3 years) , Tobiasz (1.5 years) and Cyprian (5 years) – by the German Youth Office (“Jugendamt”) Tempelhof-Schöneberg. The children were with the help of eight police officers forcibly separated from their parents. The official and only reason this „taken into care” is an “often children cry” heard from the apartment of the family, concerned a dispute with the neighbor of the family, who stated to the police. The hereupon turned on youth office responded, as often happens in these cases, without the facts to check completely covered critical and took the three children now in his custody.

Since then, the children are in a children’s home and be isolated from their parents, as if this hard criminals would. The children suffer from this very inhuman separation. The parents are also forbidden to talk to their children in their Polish mother tongue. In addition, there is a reasonable suspicion that the children are sexually abused in the children’s Home.

The public prosecutor is investigating now. The hearing at the district court Amtsgericht Tempelhof-Kreuzberg focused on the immediate return the children back to the parental household takes place at 14.00 pm on the same day, first floor / F – room 132, Hallesches Ufer 62 , 10963 Berlin.

The Polish press has already reported extensively on this scandalous case. The case is also so scandalous, because the German Youth Office “Jugendamt” during the Third Reich estimated 200.000 Polish children has taken away from their parents in order to forcibly Germanize them.

We look forward to your numerous coming and we count on your support. For more information please contact the signer at any time at your disposal.

Wojciech Leszek Pomorski
Polish Association Parents Against Discrimination of Children in Germany – Mobile: +49-1737169797, Phone +4940-53206306


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