Pawel Rogalinski: "Politicians have to be influenced by pro-human rights lobbyists"

Paweł Rogaliński
Paweł Rogaliński

„Journalistic Review” is going to be a body of opinion not only for the society, but also for the ruling class. Therefore our journalists are not just writers and our articles are not just informative texts. „Journalistic Review” uses entries written by political and economical authorities, experts, specialists and independent journalists.

These articles are to be read by current ruling class, people of culture, NGO, art and business, teachers, scientists, students etc. and this is why the entries are always full of important examples, case studies, facts and substantive arguments, which cannot be easily counterargued.

We have already achieved several successes and affected decisions of some policy-makers. They changed their minds after reading our analyses and articles. Of course these were individual cases concerning a few politicians, but still we can treat it as a success of our lobby for human rights and tolerance.

What we want is to convince politicians to change their minds by using strong arguments and presenting our point of view. We believe that Polish political, diplomatic, economical and cultural decision-makers have to be influenced by pro-human rights lobbyists in order to ensure a proper development of a state of law, or else populism, euroscepticism and backwardness will win.


Pawel Rogalinski is the founder and the editor-in-chief of the „Journalistic Review / Przeglad Dziennikarski” (online magazine representing an independent pro-European and pro-human rights narrative that can engage civil society and influence both politics and business). He is also a Press Spokesman of the Democratic Association 1937 and a member of the World Responsible Leaders Network.

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