New social survey: EU citizens satisfied with life, but reveal low confidence in national economies


A new Eurobarometer survey published today by the European Commission on the EU's social climate shows that although EU citizens remain negative when evaluating the general situation of their country, they seem to feel that the economy is recovering and are largely satisfied and positive regarding their personal situation. The overall optimistic evaluation of life in general is higher than the 2010 wave of analysis, although today’s survey shows that people feel daily life is more costly than last year.

László Andor, EU Commissioner for Employment, Social Affairs and Inclusion commented on the survey saying:

"The European Union is going through particularly challenging times with hard choices and priority shifts that influence people's everyday life.” He stressed how the survey results highlighted the growing gap between countries compared to 2010, with the situation in wealthier countries improving and the countries at the bottom of the scale worsening.

Commissioner Andor added: “Putting growth, employment and social cohesion on an equal footing is vital for Europe’s recovery because achieving real prosperity also means taking well-being into account when measuring our progress”.


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