Hilarious advertisements

www.bmw.comThe vogue for the advertisements is that they are becoming more and more hilarious, amazing, extraordinary or even shocking and it is done to attract people’s attention at all costs. Especially funny advertisements are gaining huge popularity among people of all ages and professions. In the past, when viewers had their attention distracted while watching some fascinating film by a series of commercials, they used to complain or even be angry about that. Nowadays it is gradually changing. Advertisements have become entertaining thus more and more people actually want to watch them whether on TV or in newspapers, magazines and billboards.
Of all adverts the car ones are the most interesting. The reason is simple: producers earn a lot of money on selling the cars and advertising campaigns cannot save money on. Up till now the make that was the most successful at producing the most hilarious advertisements was BMW. The marketing people working for this company certainly had a lot of creativity and were able to commit it to papers, posters, billboards, TV, and many other places where potential buyers could see them.
One of the series of such commercials was a so-called war-campaign that BMW started with Audi. The advertisement that they put on many screens and that could be seen in many papers presented a nice BMW car said: “Congratulations to Audi for winning South-African Car of the year 2006.” And at the bottom of the page another caption made the first one really ironic: “From the winner of World Car of the Year 2006.” Of course Audi did not stay silent after what they had seen. Moreover, another car companies joined the “war” as it was called in the press, and the public had even more fun to look at the companies competing with each other.
Apart from aggressive way of advertising its product, BMW also used some family-friendly pictures. One of them is the smiled face of the little boy whose friends are watching his dad’s car with amazement. The caption says: “How do you become the best daddy in the world? Just impress his friends.” Another one presents a toddler dressed in a leather nappy and there was a caption underneath: “the new generation has arrived.” In this sense it does not only appeal to adult clients but also their children who can sometimes have big influence on their parents. It is amazing that BMW could even use its weaknesses as the merits of the car. In one of the advertisements we are presented with a little scared rabbit on a road and there is a sentence: ‘That is why we don’t have front wheel drives’.
The last part of BMW advertising consists of the advertisement for adults. Most products sold nowadays tend to have parts of their advertising designed not to be meant for children. It is mainly because such advertising is very popular and it attracts attention more than ordinary one. Therefore on one these there is a man and a woman that are going to have sex and she has got her face covered with a magazine showing pictures of BMW cars and it says: “the ultimate attraction.”
Having researched all the other most popular car make’s ads, one may come to conclusion that BMW not only appeals to the broadest target group but also that its advertisements are smart and funny. It is made clear that competing car makes are not as good as BMW, their ads are not boring pictures of beautiful cars and a romantic landscape, but something entertaining for whole families. And finally, they also attract men, being the majority of clients, by their brave pictures and beautiful women. And it is all so simple with BMW: if you have no money to buy a car, at least have some fun watching BMW ads.



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